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Stefan Baudis studied chemistry at TU Wien graduating in 2007 (master degree) and specializing in polymer chemistry. During his diploma thesis at the group of Prof. Liska he already started his work in the field of biomaterials, when developing new concepts for the additive manufacturing (3D printing) of soft tissue substitutes based on photoelastomers. Later on, during his doctoral studies, he expanded the material portfolio by inclusion of thermoplastic urethane elastomers as basis for electrospun substitutes for blood vessels. In 2011, after receiving his doctorate, he joined the Institute of Biomaterial Science of the Helmholtz Zentrum Geesthacht in Teltow, Germany, directed by Prof. Lendlein, and gained complementary training by establishing a high throughput facility for the combinatorial, robotic development of polymeric biomaterials. After his post-doctoral stay in Germany he re-joined the division macromolecular chemistry of the Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry continuing his scientific work in the field of biomaterials.

Research interests:

Stefan’s research focuses on the development of different systems of biomaterials. These involve photopolymers, thermoplasts as well as polymeric interfaces.

Interests in the biointerface network:

Biomaterial’s bulk properties are important for their mechanical performance as well as degradation characteristics, however, the biointerface is crucial for the outcome of every biomaterials approach in regenerative medicine. For this reason, the biointerface needs some extra attention. Using “grafting-from” polymerization as a platform technology enables the generation of tailor-made surfaces to trigger biological functions.

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