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Marko D. Mihovilovic graduated in technical chemistry at TU Wien in 1993, also receiving his doctorate from the same university in 1996, in the field of organic synthetic chemistry. Post-doc placements as an Erwin Schrödinger scholarship holder then followed at the University of New Brunswick (Canada) and the University of Florida (USA), in the fields of biocatalysis and molecular biology. Returning to TU Wien, he set up his own research group in 1999. He completed his habilitation in 2003 in bio-organic chemistry and was appointed Associate Professor in 2004. Marko Mihovilovic has been Head of the Institute for Applied Synthetic Chemistry at TU Wien since 2013 and was appointed as Full Professor for Bioorganic Synthetic Chemistry in February 2014.  

Research interests:

Synthesis at the chemistry & biology interface; medicinal chemistry; natural and bioactive compound synthesis; redox biocatalysis; enzyme engineering; photopharmacology; sustainable synthesis from renewables. 

Interests in the BioInterface network:

Marko’s group has recently started a research program in photopharmacology (in context with the FWF-DK MolTag); during this campaign the technology of photo-switchable bioactive compounds was acquired and elaborated, enabling access to small molecules and their application as tool compounds to be triggered/activated by external light stimuli.

Further information: IAS | Research group bioorganic synthetic chemistry