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The BioInterface doctoral training program

Within BioInterface – a newly created doctoral training program at TU Wien, Austria – ten PhD students explore the interface between inorganic and bio-organic systems towards applications in bio-nanotechnology, in a highly interdisciplinary fashion.  

The ten PhD positions (3 years) have started between October 2016 and March 2017, in the fields of

  • chemical synthesis,
  • experimental (bio-)physics/engineering, as well as biomechanics, and
  • theory/simulation.

BioInterface provides highly interdisciplinary research projects and a cutting- edge training program including monthly seminars, lab rotation, retreats, a stay abroad, and – if applicable – industrial cooperation.

Meet the nine PhD students within BioInterfacehere.

Also get to know the doctoral program's principal investigators and learn more about their research interests within BioInterfacehere.