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Gerhard KAHL


Gerhard studied physics at TU Wien, where he also received his PhD. After the post-doc years at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, Gerhard returned to TU Wien where he has meanwhile become Professor at the Institute for Theoretical Physics; he is currently head of this department and he is the leader of the “Soft Matter Theory” group.

Research interests:

In- and out-of-equilibrium properties of soft matter and bio-related systems, with particular focus on the self-assembly capacities of these systems and on the phase behavior; research is based on computer simulations, (semi-)analytic frameworks and numerical optimization techniques

Interests in the biointerface network:

Within this network Gerhard fosters cooperation related to the self-assembly scenarios of shape- and interaction-anisotropic colloidal particles which can be synthesized in other partner groups; another focus of Gerhard’s activities is related to the self-assembly scenarios of decorated platelets on two-dimensional surfaces whose self-assembly scenarios can be triggered via a suitable synthesis process. 

For further information:  Group of Gerhard Kahl