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Joschka Hellmeier


Eva Sevcsik


Joschka earned his BSc in technical physics in 2014 and finished his MSc in biomedical engineering in 2016 at the technical university of Vienna. During his bachelor thesis at the Institute for Atomic and Subatomic Physics he built a laser park for trapping Rb87 with a magneto – optical trap. In 2016 he did his master’s thesis based on the cellular stress response of mGFP – GPI modified CHO – cells at the Institute of Applied Physics at the TU Vienna. In 2017 he became part of the Doktoratskolleg “Biointerface” and joined the group of Prof. Gerhard J. Schütz as a PhD student.  



Tel: +43 (1) 58801 134 896

PhD project:

Joschka’s project is about trying to mimic crowding effects in cell‐cell interactions by interfacing cells with micro‐ and nanostructured ligand‐functionalized surfaces. The aim is to attach ligands which are capable to bind proteins involved in T-cell activation to glass surfaces via polymer linker systems of different chemical and physical properties. This allows to independently address lateral protein crowding at the T-cell surface and size exclusion due to ectodomain protrusion from the cell surface by analyzing the single molecule diffusion behavior of differently sized fluorescently labeled proteins as well as lipids. Further, DNA origami will be used as diffusors of defined size and shape.

Research key words:

Micropatterning, polymer linker , DNA – Origami

Conference contributions: 

  • Talk "DNA origami as a nanoscale for T-cell activation", 21. Annual Linz Winter Workshop, Linz, Austria, February 2019
  • Talk "A nanoscale tool for investigating cell-cell interactions", Quantitative Bioimaging Conference 2019, Rennes, France, January 2019
  • Talk “DNA prigami as a nanoscale for T-cell activation”, 682. WE Heraeus-Seminar on Micro- and Nanostructured Biointerfaces, Bad Honnef, Germany, November 2018