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For best reinforcing our common interests, the biointerface PIs regularly propose joint BSc and MSc theses and cooperate on various research topics. BSc and MSc projects allow students to participate in cutting-edge, multidisciplinary research. These are our finished, ongoing and open projects:

  • "Degradable biomimetic glues" | MSc thesis project | supervisors: Claudia L. Dworak & Philipp J. Thurner
  • "Synthesis of polymer linker systems for T cell activation studies" | MSc thesis project | supervisors: Claudia L. Dworak & Eva Sevcsik
  • "Theoretical modeling of self-assembly of charged tectons" | research cooperation project | Moritz Antlanger, Gerhard Kahl & Stijn Mertens
  • "Single-molecule force spectroscopy of adhesion motifs for hydroxyappatite" | MSc thesis project | supervisors: Claudia L. Dworak & Philipp J. Thurner
  • "Structural and mechanical evaluation of collagen fibrils from equine tendon: The effect of age, tendon zone and type" MSc thesis project | supervisors: Philipp J. ThurnerAleksandr Ovsianikov
  • "Synthesis of renewable platform chemicals" | submitted joint proposal | Claudia L. Dworak & Marko D. Mihovilovic