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The BioInterface Seminars take place in Freihaus Sem.R. DA grün 03B every second friday afternoon (13:30-18:00) of the month. Please be aware of some exceptions. Each seminar two PIs will present their fields of research in 30-40min talks. Later on also guest speakers will be invited. Also PhD students will introduce all other PhDs and supervisors to their projects and later talk about their progress. We intend to create an open space for discussions and exchange of experiences. Feel free to join- there will be snacks and drinks!

Announcement of the talk by associated PI Ille Gebeshuber on Friday 4th of may:

Living in Balance – New Ways of Cohabitation with Nature

Our modern society is developing fast. Within a few millennia people evolved from a life within nature toward a life in an isolated, technology-based society. The rewards of innovation resulted in a reduced infant mortality and a higher life expectancy. The resulting population growth, in combination with an increase of individual resources consumption, caused an exponential burden on our world’s ecosphere. Nature is taking an irreversible damage and – even worse – the increased metacentric distance between our society and nature, made most people insensitive towards the ongoing disaster. Systems theory is shows that any system will grow until all resources available are used up. In the case of mankind not a limit in food or living space is reached, but the limit of the global environment to support our whole system. The results of this failure could be grave.

The Living in Balance approach aims to counter this lack of awareness and to change the perception of nature in our society. A starting point here will be new ways of learning from nature and initiatives to bridge the gap between our urban structures and nature. The goal must be not to exclude nature from our society but to live with it and appreciate it – a Cohabitation with Nature. The presentation will show how the ongoing alienation between man and nature developed and how countermeasures to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity could look like.

Date of Seminar
PI talks
Title of Seminar
Internal Speakers
2 PhD students per Seminar (20 min. each)
13.10.2017 Eva Sevcsik Using micro- and nanostructuring of proteins to decipher membrane
organization and function
Joschka Hellmeier
Aleksandr Ovsianikov Multiphoton Lithography for Biological and Tissue Engineering Applications Agnes Dobos
17.11.2017 Stefan Baudis
Development of Biomaterials for Biomedical Applications Stefan Helfert
Marko Mihovilovic
Bioorganic Synthesis @ the Chemistry & Biology Interface Rafalea Conceicao
15.12.2017 Miriam Unterlass
Pigments & Polymers: Synthesis and Applications of Organic High-Performance Materials Tobia Cavalli
Gerhard Kahl
Soft matter theory at the TU Wien: from microscopic models to macroscopic properties Susanne Wagner
09.03.2018 Stijn Mertens
Electrochemical Surface Science Iris Dorner
Gerhard Schütz Optical microscopy below the diffraction limit -
13.04.2018 Philipp Thurner
Collagen fibril mechanics Andreas Rohatschek

04.05.2018 Ille C. Gebeshuber
Living in Balance - New Ways of Cohabitation with Nature Joschka Hellmeier

Agnes Dobos
22.06.2018 Christian Hellmich
Valentina Wittner